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dog7 100DAY

We have clothing, bags, leather, postcards, paper products, jewelry, and want to share with you the little details of life.

M+T graphic inspirations from dogs and cats, the beautiful scenery, a song, a movie, a book, the dialogue of people, like these patterns change to clothes, bags, jewelry, postcards and postcards , because they can be very simple to waer and bringing to play everywhere, just slow down your step, then you would find so many joy in daily life. I hope these little patterns, can give you smile in your life :)

We are concerned about the animals in the world, because we had lovely Miss popcorn (doggy) and pumpkin Mr. (kitty), brought us many joy in our life, we are also concerned about the disadvantaged groups in the world hopes the pattern have been able to speak from them.
Hoping one day we can be live happily together, and holding hand dance with music on:)

Ps: We support animal adoption!

Every animal drawing, panting sell, we would donate 10% to the animal organizations, the receipt we would put on our fans page, thanks for all your join.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

E-mail:mysterytown@gmail.com| madebymt@me.com
Have a wonderful day!
▲關於M+T Design Studio | 麻煩小姐設計工作室


▲ 有衣著、包包、皮革、明信片|紙製品、飾品,想要與大家分享生活上的小小細節。

M+T的圖主要來自於狗狗和貓咪們、美麗的風景、一首歌、一部電影、一本書、人們的對話,喜歡這些圖案變成為 衣服、包包、飾品、明信片和卡片們,因為他們很簡單的可以跟著我們到處遊玩,放慢我們的步伐,發覺生活上小小的細節。希望這些小小的圖案,能在生活帶給你力量:)



E-mail:mysterytown@gmail.com| madebymt@me.com


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  1. Thanks for the like of my blog post on Tales for Life! Looks like a lovely business–cheers!

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