7 things to know before you jump in design school&career

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August 23, 2014 by madebymt

未命名-11. Stay up late

Our shedule is kind of crazy,  but a lot of time you need to stay up late to finish your work, becuase it feel like endless, if you not stay up to finish them, you know you will have big trouble.

When I was young, I feel stay up late is nothing, don’t hurt me at all, but when you get older and older, turn to a big bomb! I can go to sleep at 4-5 a.m. and wake up at 9 a.m. to work for sure, but now I get order, if I stay awake till 2 oclock in the morning, I find myself wake up around afer 12 oclock.

We sleep quite few for most the time, and the weekend is our sleeping party if you don’t need to work.

2. Lot of work

Yep! The shinny “designer ” title is not working in school and most of the job too, they happen quite rarely in the Tv, don’t get fool by that!

Like fashion design you need to buy your own material(which is really far way) and draw your own patten (some time take a half day by hand) and iron the fabric to make it staight, set up pattern on the fabric, which way can save more money and need to be right side. You thought we done?  Haha we not even close, we not even start sewing yet.

Ok if you are rich you can find some one to help you do those work, but most of beginer are not!

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