Awesome sashimi in Houston, Red Fish!


June 15, 2014 by madebymt

IMG_7799 Inside decoration is pretty unique.

IMG_7797 IMG_7798

A nice and beautiful fish tank


Here’s come our order, we are so hungry! we order 21 piece sashimi taste really fresh and it just melt inside your mouth.

I like salmon, tuna squid and octopus the most!
IMG_7813  IMG_7810

Also we get lunch special of crab cake with shrimp, honestly it’s not my favorite, but the souce taste really good with shrimp and cabbage. And the crab cake taste more tuna for me, which I don’t know the reason is.

IMG_7815 IMG_7814

Also with sashimi must have micho soup with it. They just perfect match to me. ( and of course wasabi 2.)

IMG_7802 IMG_7806


Here’s meau you can check it

IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855


I’m definitely will go back and try some more for sure.

Special thanks my husband treat me such a delicious food for my 25 birthday! Love you and you are the best!

Free feel to leave us any comment of suggestion or ideas here, thanks!



One thought on “Awesome sashimi in Houston, Red Fish!

  1. That was so fun! I can’t wait to go with you again!

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