HAPPY 100 DAY—16 Not afraid get hurt


August 23, 2013 by madebymt


▲ HAPPY 100 DAY—16 Not afraid get hurt ▲

One perfect pose on the stage, looks so beautiful, elegant and grateful.

All the audiences are stand up clap their hands.

But we didn’t know behind that perfect posture have long long story….

Don’t be afraid get hurt , fail , fall down all the time,

Just tell the people who judge about what you do.

Say: I just practice my perfect move, it just start it!

And give them a biggest smile then walk away with confident, they will see your success!


::▲▲▲::HAPPY 100 DAY—16 ::▲▲▲::



2 thoughts on “HAPPY 100 DAY—16 Not afraid get hurt

  1. That’s right! Too often we are too worried about what other people think. I say be happy and be yourself!

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