HAPPY 100 DAY–11 Talk to yourself.


August 8, 2013 by madebymt


HAPPY 100 DAY–11 Talk to yourself.

We are working for 8 hours up, be with boss, coworker, and customer, trying to be perfect boss or perfect good employee.

Then when we get home be with family or roommate, we try to tell them what is going on today, or listen their story.

Pretty most half day we are been with someone (beside sleeping) but not our own, do you find out we don’t talk to ourself enough of time, and figure out exactly our feeling, I’m think is biggest reason sometime we lost, and don’t know what to do and what we want.

Let have little easy practice, before sleep (and wake up) give yourself 15~30 minutes to talk to yourself. such like I thinking I‘m doing good job today,  have quite good breakfast, or I find out I like to make some chinese food…..

Be with yourself and figure out your emotion and life would be so much nicer!  try it!


HAPPY 100 DAY–11



2 thoughts on “HAPPY 100 DAY–11 Talk to yourself.

  1. So true, you should make a book, your posts always make me feel motivated!

  2. madebymt says:

    Thank you so much! Like your idea.

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